Why is Innovation Roadmapping important?

The anount of change that is happening in the world is accelerating, creating continous challenge for how organizations stay ahead of it all, decide where to invest their time and money, how they should think about the future, and innovate in ways that enable them to do the disrupting instead of being the ones disrupted. How we manage all of this change in an effort to stay ahead requires a keen understanding of the global forces that will shape our human experiences and our business decisions long in to the future.

Innovation roadmaps are the result of extensive research into disruptive technologies, markets, competitors and changing government policies that give you a clearer view of what potentially lies ahead, and new opportunities for your organization.

What are innovation roadmaps/megatrends?

Megatrends are foundation for your innovation roadmaps. They are the socieconomic, demographic and technological shifts that will have sustained, transformative impact on your organization

Innovation roadmaps guide your organization to create new products, services and experiences for your customers and partners that help them success in the rapidly changing world they live and work in. 

Case Studies


At HP, we established an innovation roadmapping process that they call Megatrends. It started out as an internal effort to help align the thinking, stratagies and visions across the 120,000 employees of the company. Over time, the results of the Megatrends work was shared with customers who visited the Executive Briefing Center (EBC) as part of HP's philosophy of sharing and transparency with its customers.

This Megatrends works continues at HP with its release of the annual Megatrend Report. Here is the 2019 release of this report.

Techtrend's Innovation Roadmap/Megatrends

Techtrend has periodically published a more generic version of the megatrends, or what some call long range innovation roadmaps. This document has played an import for strategic thinking as clients have build their innovation pipeline. This document has been the result of researching, tracking and presenting on technology megatrends for more than two decades.

Here is a link to a latest version of the innovation roadmap

Podcast on Megatrends/Innovation Roadmap

Let's Talk About Your InnovationRoadmap .