We encourage you to review the FAQs before sending us a message. If you have a question/comment about a specific project or subsiderary, please note that we have individual sites to which you are welcome to direct comments.

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“Does Techtrend accept or review idea or inventions from outside of Techtrend? ”

We are delighted that so many creative and innovative people throughout the world are willing to contribute ideas for game-changing breakthrough innovations. We are further delighted and quite frankly flattered that so many people would like to share their ideas with us. However, Techtrend does not accept ideas for inventions unless the contrinutor is retaining Techtrend to take that idea and create a product or service for their organization. 

Please do NOT send us your your ideas, inventions or any confidential information unless you have retained us to work on your project.

“How do I contact Phil McKinney directly?”

Unfortunately his schedule makes it difficult for him to read or respond personally to all the correspondence he receives. If you have a question, please fill out the Contact form and we will forward your message either to him or the appropriate person here at Techtrend. Bear in mind that we can’t make any promises regarding confidentiality of e-mail messages or letters.

“Does Phil do any public speaking? What if my organization wanted to invite Phil to speak at an event?”  

While Phil does do some public speaking, his schedule makes it difficult for him to accept the numnber of invitations he receives. To inquire about Phil's availability, please fill out the form in the Contact section, include some information about your organization, and someone will contact you for further information if there is a possibility that Phil can accommodate your request.

“I hear that Techtrend is working on __________. Where can I get more information on it? ”  

Techtrend’s clients and partners share information about Techtrend-developed products and technologies when they are available for sale. Until then, most product details are confidential.

“Does Phil actually work on projects for clients? Is he active in the projects that Techtrend takes on?”  

Yes. Phil takes an active role in all of the projects that Techtrend accepts. He sees his involvement as a way to share/pay-if-forward his expeience and expertise -- and to feed his own personal curiosity. 

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