We Are Techtrend.

Techtrend Group, founded in 1996, brings expertise and experience in creating strategic innovations, technologies, products and experiences for leading brands.  

For more than 20 years, Techtrend has brought together teams whose innovation, engineering, design, manufacturing and quality expertise make Techtrend a leading source for creating innovative solutions, advanced technologies and award winning products and experiences.

Since it's inception, this team has been behind technologies that are today used by more than 500 million people each and every day. 

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Techtrend is headquarterd on the Skyecroft Ranch in Northern Colorado. This 35 acre ranch hosts:

  • 1,200 sq ft multi-camera 4K broadcast TV and radio studio for The Innovators Studio, LLC, a wholly owned subsiderary of Techtrend. The studio produces our training courses, live nationally syndicated radio shows and records our network of innovation related podcasts. 
  • The R&D and prototype labs for client engagements.
  • Host remote workshops, ideation/brainstorming sessions, innovation retreats, private executive and team innovation coaching sessions. 
Techtrend Group is headquartered at Skyecroft Ranch

Through the 80's, Phil McKinney spent his time gaining experience by working with leading companies in Silicon Valley. The result was his first of many award winning technologies and products being brought to market. 

In 1996, he founded Techtrend Group to work with leading brands to create technolgies and products that would have a meaningful impact. 

To help others build their confidence to innovate, he has launched subsideraries of Techtrend, such as The Innovators Network, that share and train others on how Techtrend does what it does. 

Phil has sat on public, private and advisory boards, and in rare cases has joined client companies, such as HP, to lead their innovation efforts from the inside. 

After a decade with HP, Phil retired as HP CTO at the end of 2011. That retirement was short lived as in mid-2012, he took over the role of President and CEO of CableLabs. the "Bell Labs of the cable industry" 

Phil is still active with Techtrend as the Founder and Executive Chairman. 

100% of any compensation that Phil personally receives from Techtrend is donated to charities such as HackingAutism.org.

You can find Phil's bio here ... 

ideas without execution is a hobby and we are not in the hobby business

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